Tres Chic by Raquel Welch


Synthetic Wig

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The Tres Chic wig from the Raquel Welch UK Collection is a modern style with a stunning, asymmetrical cut.

There is a short fringe which then blends into the longer side layers. The WOW factor for the Tres Chic is the long, straight layers at the right side. They are sleek and straight and fall longer at the right side of your face, compared to the left side.
These long layers measure 6.5", creating an ultramodern look. This is then in sharp contrast to the shortened length at the left side. The layers settle just at ear level, creating a striking silhouette that definitely has the celebrity style cut!
The back of this wig has a beautiful silhouette. There is a subtle graduation into the tapered neckline. The nape measures 1.75" and has been thinned out so that it creates the effect of an incredibly natural neckline.
The Tres Chic is only to be worn by the very trendy, the very gorgeous and the very modern!

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