We have the largest selection of Hair Toppers in Ireland with our exclusive Mayfair Collection. This quality crown hair piece is available in a full range of colours and styles. As you can see in our videos Toppers can be applied within seconds to create natural volume on top. You can also see are you eligible for a PRSI hair grant which would cover much of the cost of your hair piece or wig worth €500 per year. More... 

Hair Topper Dublin

Hair toppers are also known as crown hair pieces are a popular hair accessory worn by women in Ireland for a variety of reasons. Toppers are typically designed to cover and blend with the clients natural hair, providing additional volume, length, or coverage in specific areas of the crown and scalp.

1. Hair loss or thinning hair can be caused by various factors, including genetics, hormonal changes with pregnancy, medical conditions, and treatments like chemotherapy. Hair toppers can be an effective solution for women who are experiencing hair loss or have thinning hair, as they can provide instant natural-looking coverage and boost their confidence.

Human Hair Topper

2. Fashion and Style: Many women wear hair toppers as a fashion statement or to enhance their style. Hair toppers come in different colors, lengths, and styles, allowing women to experiment with different looks without making permanent changes to their natural hair. They can be worn for special occasions, events, or simply to change up their appearance.

3.Convenience and Time-saving: Hair toppers can be a convenient and time-saving option for women who want to add volume or length to their hair without the hassle of styling or growing out their natural hair. Hair toppers can be easily clipped or attached to the natural hair, providing an instant transformation without the need for complex styling or maintenance.

4.Medical Reasons: Some women may wear hair toppers for medical reasons, such as after undergoing hair transplant surgery or scalp reconstruction. Hair toppers can help cover the surgical site and provide a natural-looking appearance while the hair continues to grow and heal.

5. Confidence and Self-esteem: Hair plays a significant role in a person's self-esteem and confidence. For women who are self-conscious about their hair due to thinning or hair loss, wearing a hair topper can boost their confidence and improve their overall sense of self.

6.Unable to visit your Hair salon : Hair toppers can also be used when clients  have not had the opportunity to visit their salon to havetheir roots dyed or hair coloured.

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