Finding Your Wig During Chemo

At the Hairspray wigs showroom in Dublin we have over one thousand wigs in stock from all the top brands. You can relax in the comfort of our private consultation rooms where you have the opportunity to discuss your general hair goals with us so we can advise you on the most suitable wig or human hair topper. Also there are a number of hair grants available to woman that have been diagnosed with cancer and are undergoing chemotherapy. These grants are worth €500 per year. More... 


Apart from its physical symptoms, cancer often causes emotional distress to woman and their families. One of the most visible signs of cancer treatment is when a clients hair loss occurs due to the type of chemotherapy your hospital administers. We find many of our customers choose to find an aesthetic hair piece solution to deal with their temporary hair loss during their cancer journey.


Wigs have gained popularity as a way to help woman regain a sense of normality by covering their temporary hair loss. While wearing wigs is a personal decision, it is for many woman in Ireland an essential aspect of positively moving one step forward in their cancer journey. We often hear clients say they wear a simply wig to avoid what can often be difficult conversations when meeting people in public.

Wearing a wig is not just about dealing with the effects of hair loss; it can also be about improving your self-esteem and feeling somewhat normal in an overwhelming situation. It is common for women to associate their own hair with their identity, beauty, and femininity. Therefore, hair loss can sometimes make a woman feel less feminine and affect their self-esteem, creating anxiety.

At we have a all the top brands at the best prices. You can choose from either human hair or synthetic. The wigs we have are made from high-quality materials and offer a variety of styles, lengths, colors, and textures to suit different individual preferences. By wearing a wig, women can choose to keep their previous hairstyle and color or open they experiment with new styles. Our clients can also adjust the wigs to fit their head shape, making them comfortable and secure.

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